titanium alloy materials for destroyer

HY will provide titanium alloy materials for 2 destroyers newly designed by CSSC (HY-marketing departmentes)

The marketing department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd today confirmed that two 10,000-ton destroyers have been designed at the Shanghai Maring Diesel Engine Research Institute. After two months of technical talks with CSSC, HY Industry will provide the two destroyers. Large quantities of titanium alloy materials. This will provide strong business support for the newly formed titanium alloy production capacity of our company in September 2019.

On the morning of September 27, 2019, Shanghai Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd officially completed its 80mn large-scale fast forging unit in Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone and put it into production. HY’s high-end equipment special titanium alloy material production capacity has achieved a big leap, and it has officially possessed an annual production capacity of 6,000 tons of high-performance special titanium alloy bars and 2,000 tons of high-performance high-temperature alloy bars. Since the new equipment was put into production, HY Industry has set its sights on the high-end titanium alloy market at home and abroad. After more than two years, HY Industry titanium alloy products have made great progress in production technology, market development, and strategic user training.

Today, HY Industry titanium alloy products have been used by related companies in more than ten fields https://hynickelalloy.com/news/hy-industry-special-titanium-alloy-industrialization-project-for-high-end-equipment-is-fully-completedhy-marketing-department/such as aerospace, weapons and ships, medical chemicals, 3D printing, optical instruments, and high-speed rail. With the continuous progress of China’s large aircraft projects, lunar exploration projects, and ocean engineering, titanium alloy products have shown broader application prospects. In recent years, HY Industry has established cooperative projects with many domestic scientific research institutes to continuously promote technological innovation in the development and production of titanium alloy products, providing a strong guarantee for the development of China’s high-tech undertakings.

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