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Main application of bimetallic composite pipe.(HY-industry technical centre)


The bimetal composite pipe combines the excellent properties of strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the base layer and the cladding. It not only meets the special use requirements, but also saves the cost investment. As a new type of structural material with low price and good quality, it has been widely concerned and used in many fields abroad. concrete application:

1, Oil and gas pipelines and oil wells

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel, Incoloy 625, and Incoloy 825 are often used as inner tube to ensure the corrosion resistance of the pipe. The outer layer material is usually X42, X50, X60, X70, A335-P22 and other materials to ensure the strength of the pipe.

  • Japan, the United States and other countries have conducted extensive research on the use of composite steel pipes as natural gas transmission pipelines. The American Petroleum Institute (API) has developed a standard for composite steel pipes for pipelines, numbered API5LD. The main varieties of API are oil well pipes of CrMo steel and super 13Cr, G3, C028, etc.; composite pipes of nickel base alloy steels such as incoloy 825 and 028.

2, boiler

  • The steel pipe of the boiler superheater shall have high temperature strength under the condition of 650 °C and 35 MPa steam, excellent high temperature corrosion resistance of the outer surface and water vapor oxidation resistance of the inner surface.

  • Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd. used SUS310S, 35Cr-55Ni, 40Cr-55Ni as the outer base pipe, and used 17-14CuMo and Incoloy 800HT as the inner tube to develop a new composite steel tube for super-supercritical boiler superheater.

  • Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd. has successfully developed Sanicro28 steel, which is made of carbon steel as the inner layer and has good corrosion resistance. The composite steel pipe can be directly used without any changes in the boiler structure design.

3, Waste incinerator

  • The waste incinerator adopts composite steel pipe, and the outer base pipe can be made of Sanicro65 alloy, and the inner layer material can be selected from carbon steel or chrome molybdenum steel with stress corrosion crack resistance.

  • Since the installation of the first composite tube incinerator superheater and water wall tube in Europe and the United States in 1971, 2 million meters of composite steel pipe has been used.

4, heat exchanger

  • bimetallic composite pipe applicationAs a composite steel pipe for heat exchangers, in addition to having a certain strength and corrosion resistance, it should have good thermal conductivity.

  • Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd. used high-alloy nickel-chromium steel alloy 800 as the inner tube and low-alloy steel ASTMA213Ti2 as the outer tube to produce composite steel tube.

  • Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd. selected API5L-16MnV steel as the outer layer and NIC42 steel as the inner layer to make the composite steel pipe. Its mechanical properties reached the technical requirements of API5L-16MnV, and the interface combined shear strength reached 400 MPa or more.

5, wear-resistant field

  • Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd. uses SUS316L corrosion-resistant steel as the outer layer, and uses the Stellite 12 wear-resistant alloy as the inner layer to make the composite steel pipe. It is still new as the use for 4 years. This kind of composite steel pipe has also been well applied in the pneumatic conveying pipeline of other fine powder particles, and its demand is increasing.

6, seawater pipeline

  • inconel 600Nickel, titanium stainless steel or copper alloy is used as the inner layer, and carbon steel or low alloy corrosion resistant steel is used as the outer tube.

  • The composite steel pipe for seawater pipelines produced by Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd is widely used as a water intake pipe for seawater heat exchanger tubes and desalination plants.

  • The bimetal composite pipe is gradually promoted in the petroleum product transportation and refining industry of the domestic oil and gas industry. However, there is still a big gap between the domestic composite process, high-efficiency production and detection technology compared with foreign countries. It should be said that this is a steel pipe field. Emerging hotspots are worthy of continuous attention and late transfer.

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