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Wear-resistant forged alloy ( Stellite 6B ,Stellite 6K )

stellite-6B-light platesShanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd can provide nickel-based alloys, cobalt-based alloys, including plates, strips, bars, wires and powders

Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd is a global supplier of wear-resistant, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant processing solutions, as well as a world-class manufacturer of cobalt-based and nickel-based alloy materials and components.

Industrial applications

Forging Stellite 6B materials and parts, Stellite6K tools and scraper parts are used in various industries, including:

  1. Aerospace

  2. Oil and natural gas

  3. Power generation

  4. food processing

  5. Pulp and paper

  6. Glass product

  7. Other processing industries

Stellite 6B and 6K

Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd provides a variety of Stellite alloys of different materials (with different chemical compositions) and a variety of processing procedures or methods, including casting, powdered metal, hardfacing welding and forging. For forging materials Stellite6B and Stellite6K, forging or hot forging processing methods can improve the following characteristics of the material:

  1. Mechanical characteristics

  2. toughness

  3. Abrasion resistance

  4. Corrosion resistance

Stellite 6B

  • stellite 6BStellite6B is a unique product when it combines high toughness and wear-resistant materials with “reliable” mechanical properties. Compared with other materials that sacrifice toughness and achieve wear resistance, Stellite6B has the best of both worlds. The key is that the material undergoes a comprehensive thermal processing treatment to transform the brittle and hard wear-resistant ingot into a high-toughness wear-resistant material Stellite 6B. Stellite 6B has excellent wear resistance, high temperature hardness, good corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties. It is the material of choice for most demanding processing applications.

  • Whether your processing uses high-impact pulp agitators, critical directional drilling tools, or aerospace and other components, Stellite 6B has excellent wear resistance and mechanical properties, and can withstand the most demanding processing processes. Stellite 6B meets the requirements of the aerospace material specification AMS5894. All Stellite 6B products provide complete material certification and comply with American national standards. For your equipment, don’t put a second place, use our high-performance Stellite 6B products.

  • Stellite6B provides an overall inventory of standard forged products, with a thickness ranging from 0.031″ to 1.0″, and a rod diameter ranging from 0.312″ to 6.0″. Special specifications can be provided upon request.

  • Need more information,Please consult the sales department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd.

Stellite 6K

  • Stellite 6K and Stellite 6B have similar characteristics, but the hardness is slightly higher and the toughness is slightly weaker.

  • Stellite 6K is an ideal material for cutting tools or scrapers, such as blades or scrapers.

  • Stellite 6K is a customized rolling material. The thickness and size of the plate can be customized according to your processing purpose.

  • Stellite6K provides an overall inventory of standard rolled products with thicknesses ranging from 0.045″ inches to 0.375″ inches.

  • Need more information,Please consult the sales department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd.

Resistant to jams and abrasions

  • stellite 6BStellite 6B can resist jamming or scratching effects. In most cases, the low coefficient of friction of this material allows sliding contact with other metals through metal inlays without damage. Due to the nature of the processed product, Stellite 6B has been used in equipment that does not use lubricants. The sleeve made of Stellite 6B material can slide smoothly even in contact with other metal parts, and the frictional resistance is reduced to a minimum. It has now been used in areas that cannot be effectively lubricated and cannot be accessed. Even if the lubricant is diluted with gasoline, detergent or other liquids and the oil film is washed away, the casing and bushing still have anti-seize properties. Especially when the lubricant decomposes at high temperature or is worn away by abrasive particles, it can exert its greatest effect.

Resistance to wear and erosion

  • Components using Stellite 6B can maintain a long life even under conditions of constant erosion. The material has excellent resistance to cavitation and corrosion. Compared with other casting materials with higher hardness, the forged structure of this material can improve its own wear resistance. Stellite 6B is used for the anti-corrosion protection of steam turbines, which can guarantee the continuous use of steam turbine blades for more than 30 years.

Excellent high temperature hardness

  • Stellite 6B can maintain high hardness even in red heat. Once cooled back to room temperature, the material returns to its original hardness.

  • Good impact resistance and thermal shock resistance

  • Stellite 6B organically combines good impact strength and thermal shock resistance with wear and corrosion resistance. The toughness of the forged alloy material in terms of Charpy impact absorption energy is four times that of cast iron products.

Heat and oxidation resistance

  • High temperature has little effect on the hardness, toughness and dimensional stability of these alloys. They are especially able to withstand atmospheric oxidation at room temperature and have good oxidation resistance at high temperatures.

Corrosion resistance

  • In addition to wear resistance, Stellite 6B has good corrosion resistance to various corrosive media. This combination of characteristics makes Stellite 6B play a considerable role in food processing machinery, chemical equipment and other wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant equipment.

Heat treatment

  • Unless otherwise specified, forged products of Stellite 6B and Stellite 6K are supplied under heat treatment conditions. The standard heat treatment temperature is 2250°F (1232°C), followed by air cooling.

Stock product form

  • Stellite 6B and Stellite 6K can provide strips, plates and processed profiles. Stellite 6B can also provide round bar stock products. Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd can also customize parts according to your special needs and specifications. For more information, please consult the sales department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd.

Fusion welding

  • Stellite6B and Stellite 6K can use gas-shielded tungsten arc welding (TIG), gas-shielded metal arc welding (MIG) and shielded arc welding (coated electrodes) and oxyacetylene welding under 25CFH argon gas flow. Priority order execution. The oxyacetylene welding method should be used with caution, because the Stellite material will be “boiled” during the welding process, resulting in porosity. The use of a triple reduction flame minimizes oxidation, penetration and intergranular alloying.

  • Stellite 6B and Stellite 6K should be preheated and maintained at a temperature of 1000°F (358°C) to prevent welding cracks, and then air-cooled. Do not use welding jigs, otherwise it will cause rapid cooling of the weld. It is recommended to use standard welded joints. It is recommended to use Inconel 82, 92 or Inconel 625 filler metal for connection between Stellite 6B and soft materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel. Harder cobalt-based filler metals like Stellite 6 and Stellite 21 are suitable for the connection of Stellite 6B itself, especially If the welding area is required to have wear resistance. In the latter case, the root weld can be filled with Inconel 82, 92, or Inconel 625, and then deposited with a harder material. In gas shielded tungsten arc welding, the use of gas shielding at the root of the weldment is not mandatory, but it is recommended to use this method to improve the penetration depth.

  • In the process of Stellite alloy processing, grinding or welding, sufficient ventilation is required to control exposure to dust, smoke and particulate matter carried in the air.


  • Stellite 6B and Stellite 6K can be connected to other materials by brazing. All forms of surface dust, such as paint, ink, oil stains, chemical residues, etc. must be removed from the mating surface by etching, solvent, washing, degreasing or other methods. In addition, when silver brazing filler metal is used in flame brazing operations, flux is needed to help clean the weld, so that the filler metal flows more smoothly on the mating surface. When using notch or induction brazing, once the brazing filler metal is melted, the heat source should be removed and the workpiece should be positioned. The assembly should be pressed to squeeze out the excess flux, and air cooling should be used. The parts must not be annealed.

  • Other brazing filler metals (such as gold, palladium or nickel-based alloys) are suitable for joining Stellite 6B and Stellite 6K materials. The choice of brazing filler metal depends on the expected processing conditions.

  • The joint surface takes the form of a close fit. If the filler metal thickness is small, usually 0.001–0.005″ inches (0.03–0.13mm), the strength of the finished weld will be higher.

  • Brazing with high-temperature filler metals is usually carried out in a furnace. The use of induction and resistance heating salt bath and metal bath brazing is limited. Vacuum furnaces or controlled atmosphere furnaces whose pressure is maintained below 1 micron can ensure adequate humidity control at the brazing temperature (below 60°F (15°C) dew point) to achieve the best welding results. Controllable atmosphere such as hydrogen or cracked ammonia is suitable for brazing Stellite 6B and Stellite 6K base materials.

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