cobalt alloy part-spinner semi-finished product-1

a batch of cobalt alloy part-spinner will be shipped soon (HY-marketing department)

cobalt alloy part-spinner semi-finished product-1Recently, a batch of cobalt alloy part-spinner is about to be processed and sent to Europe

Centrifuge for alloy glass wool, the high temperature shaft and its accessories are the key components of the injection glass wool production line. The product is made of high temperature resistant materials such as nickel-based superalloy or cobalt-based alloy, and has a high high-temperature permanent fracture. Strength and high temperature creep resistance, excellent high temperature oxidation resistance, molten glass corrosion and erosion resistance, and good machining performance. Cobalt-based and nickel-based alloy centrifuges produced by Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd are widely sold in the international market , Get unanimous recognition from customers. Main technical indicators Dimensions: φ300-400mm Aperture size: φ0.7-0.8mm Number of holes: 10,000-30000 Operating temperature: 1050℃

Application field: The key component of the glass wool production line (cobalt alloy part-spinner), the centrifuge head produced by our company has various excellent properties required for the production of glass wool, and the size specifications and hole maturity can be customized according to customer needs.

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