Nickel 201 Pure nickel strip

Application of pure nickel (Nickel 200 and Nickel 201)

  • Nickel 201 Pure nickel belt elbowCommercial pure nickel is widely used in industrial applications due to its inherent corrosion resistance. High-performance, technologically superior alloys can be used in many industries, all of which are associated with difficult working conditions and environments. Under highly corrosive, high temperature and often toxic situations, materials need to work hard to maintain their integrity.

  • There are many grades of nickel-based alloys, usually combined with a series of precise other chemical components to give the alloy its unique characteristics. However, for some applications, commercial pure nickel is required, and two of the key names are Nickel 200 or Nickel 201.

  • Nickel content of these materials is at least 99%. The remaining 1% or less of the elements are composed of iron, silver, manganese, copper, carbon and sulfur in a very carefully balanced value, most of which are in trace amounts.

1. The concentration of caustic alkali

  • Commercial pure nickel is used in many corrosion-resistant applications, and we will conduct a more in-depth study on it. However, one of their more specific uses is in caustic soda concentration processes, also known as “chlor-alkali processes.”

  • This is a method of electrolyzing sodium chloride solution. The chlor-alkali process is a basic process in most industries and is used to produce chlorine and sodium hydroxide (caustic soda). It uses an anode to oxidize chloride to chlorine; an ion-selective membrane to control the flow of substances; and a cathode to reduce water to hydroxide and hydrogen.

  • Whole process is very corrosive, especially in the production process of chlorine. Therefore, the cathode element must be made of easily oxidizable metal, such as nickel. This is where Nickel 200/201 plays a role in the manufacture of these basic components, because it has unparalleled resistance to these caustic alkalis.

  • Both chlorine and sodium hydroxide have important uses. Chlorine is probably best known for its use in sanitation, disinfection and disinfection-swimming pools may be the first thought, but it is also used for disinfection of some drinking water supplies. Sodium hydroxide is also widely used, and more than half of the sodium hydroxide produced is used for industrial purposes. One of its common uses is in the paper and pulp industry, as well as food preparation, cleaning agents and water purification.

  • Although both Nickel 200 and Nickel 201 can be used in caustic processes, low-carbon Nickel 201 is particularly useful. It is usually used in caustic salt evaporators above 315°C (Nickel 200 cannot be used below these temperatures), because exposure to extreme heat will lead to the formation of graphite due to the higher proportion of carbon (Nickel 200 max is 0.15% , And the highest proportion of carbon is 0.15%, and the maximum in Nickel 201 is 0.02%). Nickel 201 will not form graphite even if exposed to high temperature for a long time. As long as it does not come into contact with any carbon-containing substances, these carbon-containing compounds will be directly discharged into the atmosphere, such as smoke and dust.

2. Electronic use

  • Industrial pure nickel is usually used in the electronics field. Compared with other nickel alloys, it has higher electrical and thermal conductivity. It also has a higher Curie temperature, which is the moment when the material loses its permanent magnetic properties and is replaced by induced magnetism. It also has good magnetostrictive properties, which is related to the way the material changes shape or size during magnetization.

  • World relies heavily on electronics and communications. This is also a fast-growing industry, and new systems and products are rapidly being introduced to meet the needs of companies and consumers. Low-alloy nickel plays an important role in the production of electrical components. This includes the manufacture of anode plates, passive cathodes, battens, transistor housings and other key electrical components.

  • It is not just the communications industry that uses commercially pure nickel in the manufacture of critical electrical components. Some grades are used in optical systems, such as small lasers or telescopes. Nickel can also be used for pressure sensors in the aerospace industry and oilfield pressure management systems.

  • Nickel 201 Pure nickel stripNickel 200 can be made into thin wires, which means it can also be used for more precise electrical applications. Over time, its use has expanded to include high-power radio valves. These amplifiers can increase the power of radio signals. Nickel is the material of choice for the cathode because the use of pure metal can help reduce frequency noise. Nickel 200 can also be used for infrared transmitters, which are used in cameras, surveillance systems and industrial electronic equipment.

3. Further uses

  • Nickel 200 and 201 may be best known for their use in the electrolysis of salt solutions (brine) to extract caustic soda and chlorine, as well as electronics, but they do have countless other applications.

  • For example, Nickel 201 can be used for pressure vessels. It also has good resistance to distilled water and natural water, and has a wide range of uses in the food processing industry.

  • Temperature control Nickel 200 pure nickel electronic cigarette heating wireNickel 200 can be used to transport certain chemicals because of its extremely high corrosion resistance. It can also be used for certain aerospace components.

  • It is also common to find that Nickel 200 and Nickel 201 “two-factor authentication”. If the material has passed dual certification, it means that the material meets certain specifications of both. This nickel treatment results in the material having the strength of Nickel 200, but the stability of Nickel 201’s composition control.

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