PWR nuclear power plant reactor pressure vessel Superalloy C-type sealing ring

HY-Industry participated in the research and development of the nuclear reactor Superalloy C-type sealing ring passed the review

  • Review site of the pressure vessel Superalloy C-type sealing ring of the PWR nuclear power plantA few days ago, China Machinery Industry Federation and China General Machinery Industry Association jointly organized an application review meeting for the assembly material operation stage of the C-type seal ring product for the pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant reactor pressure vessel jointly developed by CGN&SHANGHAI ELECTRIC GROUP and other units in Taicang, Jiangsu.

  • Spring material Inconel X750 wire material and the covering material Inconel 600 strip material in the C-shaped sealing ring are both produced by Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd. The expert group listened to the summary report on the industrial application verification of the C-type seal ring product, and consulted the product design, manufacturing, testing, inspection and other materials, as well as the technical documents formed during the industrial application verification stage. After discussion, it was agreed that the industrial application of the developed C-type sealing ring product in the factory hydraulic test, cold and hot functional test of the reactor pressure vessel is successful, and the process stability and reliability of the product have been verified. The operating phase of the newly-built machine assembly material and the conditions applied on the in-service unit.

  • Superalloy C-type sealing ring is known as the jewel in the crown of static sealing in the nuclear power industry. The C-shaped sealing ring of the reactor pressure vessel shoulders the major responsibility of ensuring that the nuclear reactor does not leak or lose pressure. At present, the Inconel X750 alloy wire and Inconel 600 alloy strip used for the C-shaped sealing ring of the reactor pressure vessel of China’s nuclear power plant are imported from abroad. The successful development of C-shaped sealing ring products will fundamentally get rid of dependence on foreign countries, marking the localization of wire and strip materials for C-shaped sealing rings of nuclear power plant reactor pressure vessels, and the large-scale production of new materials will become Shanghai HY Industry Co. , Ltd’s new economic growth point.

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