Fe-co precision alloy

Fe-co precision alloy: effectively improve the speed and efficiency of computer storage devices (marketing department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd)


  • Storage devices are a critical indicator for the performance of computers and intelligent systems. And magnetic media is widely used in today’s storage devices, such as tapes, hard disks, etc., and the improvement of its speed and efficiency is not important to the development of the industry. Recently, researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden have discovered a new alloy material that brings faster and more efficient storage to electronic devices such as computers and smartphones.

Introduction to Magnetic Storage Media

  • Magnetic materials, which are very efficient for storing and transmitting data, are the natural successor to punch cards first used in the 18th century. Subsequent developments, including magnetic tapes and hard disks, brought about a major advance in information technology, and today 70% of data is stored on magnetic media.

  • Today, humans are able to create micron-scale magnetic storage devices and achieve nanosecond-scale transfer speeds to meet ever-evolving storage needs, with data transfers on the order of 100 gigabytes (1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) a day. To meet advanced storage needs, we need smaller and faster devices, so new storage technologies and new magnetic materials are required.

Introduction to new materials

  • The “magnetic damping” material the researchers discovered, a binary metal ferromagnetic alloy composed of cobalt and iron, has damping on the order of 10-4. Such low damping has previously only been observed on metalloids or magnetic insulators such as iron oxides. Devices made of this material can be very small and can eliminate the dynamic energy loss of magnetic materials.

  • Researchers also found that this damping could be used to maximize the energy-efficient data transmission of the material. The damping of this magnetic material, for example, is similar to the frictional force of a puck sliding along an ice surface. After a period of time, the frictional force makes the puck stand still. The damping parameter of this magnetic material is similar to the coefficient of friction between a hockey puck and an ice surface.

  • This low damping phenomenon of Fe-co precision alloys can be explained by the unique properties of its internal electronic structure, in which damping is proportional to the number of electrons in the highest energy state.

significance of research ( Fe-co precision alloy )

This new discovery of the low damping coefficient of Fe-co precision alloy, coupled with the fact that the material is easy to produce, magnetic even at room temperature, and the fact that both iron and cobalt are common elements make it a standardized comparison reference material for Find new and better alloys.

Combination of experimentation and theory in this research area has been very successful, with published research demonstrating the importance of collaboration in addressing new technological challenges in the materials field. It also provides a new fundamental understanding of damping mechanisms, enabling theoretically predicted new and more efficient metallic and non-metallic materials with less damping than currently found in iron-cobalt alloys.

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