HX superalloy

HX superalloy (marketing department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd)

Hastelloy X alloy is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with cobalt and tungsten added. It has excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures up to 1200 ° C. It can also be used in neutral and reducing atmospheres, and it is also resistant to carbonization and The nitriding atmosphere, which makes it suitable for furnace components, is one of the nickel-based superalloys widely used in gas turbine engine components. This solid solution strengthened alloy has good strength and excellent oxidation resistance (to 2000°F).

Hastelloy X similar grades

UNS N06002,NiCr22Fe18Mo,NC22FeD,NiCr21Fe18Mo9



AMS 5536/GE B50T83/GE B50A436/ASME SB-435/ASTMB-435


AMS 5754/GE B50A463

Hastelloy X Overview

  • Hastelloy X alloy is a solid-solution-strengthened nickel-based superalloy with high chromium content. It has good high-temperature oxidation resistance, good formability and high-temperature durability, and has a certain high-temperature strength above 790°C. , is a more suitable material for the manufacture of combustion chamber components, the working temperature can reach 980°C, and the short-time work can reach 1090°C. Long-term high-temperature aging at 650-980 ° C has a certain degree of age hardening phenomenon, and the formability has decreased.

  • The alloy also has good casting performance, suitable for precision casting, and can also be sand casting, but it is mainly used as various deformation materials, especially plates. Currently, Hastelloy X alloy is one of the most used high-temperature alloys in the production of jet engines in the United States.

Hastelloy X Chemical compostion:









































 Hastelloy X Physical properties:


8.28 g/cm3

Melting Point


Hastelloy X Organizational Structure

  1. The structure of the alloy in the solid solution state is an austenite matrix, and there are a small amount of TiN and M6C carbides. After long-term aging at 700-900℃, the main precipitated phases are M12C and M3B2, accompanied by a small amount of μ phase and L phase. After aging at 700°C for 200h, a small amount of σ phase appears, but after aging at 800°C, the σ phase does not exist, but a small amount of M23C6 precipitates, and sometimes a small amount of L phase appears. Therefore, the alloy shows a certain degree of age hardening phenomenon after long-term aging, which reduces the plasticity and high temperature strength.

  2. Technical standard for cold-rolled sheets stipulates that the grain size of cold-rolled sheets in the supply state should be in the range of 4 to 8.

Hastelloy X Formability

  • HX superalloy has good cold and hot forming properties.

  • Forging heating temperature is 1170℃±10℃, and the final forging temperature is not lower than 950℃;

  • Heating temperature of slab hot rolling is 1150℃±10℃, and the final rolling temperature is not lower than 850℃;

  • Heating temperature for hot rolling of ring parts is 1170°C±10°C.

Hastelloy X Smelting & Welding

HX superalloy system is smelted in an ordinary electric furnace. If non-vacuum smelting and electroslag remelting are used, or vacuum induction and electroslag remelting are used, the purity of the alloy can be improved and the mechanical properties of the alloy can be improved.

The starting forging temperature of the alloy is 1180-1200°C, and the final forging temperature is 1040°C. At the beginning of forging, light hammer should be used for fast forging. After the as-cast structure is destroyed, heavier hammer can be used for forging. Hastelloy× has good casting performance, so it is also suitable for precision casting. Alloys form well at room temperature, so they are usually formed at room temperature. The equipment power required for forming is slightly larger than that of forming austenitic steel. Solution treatment (annealing) is performed after each forming in the multiple forming process, because the alloy has good formability in the annealed state. After the parts are formed, they should be solution treated at 1180°C for 7-10 minutes, and then cooled rapidly.

HX superalloy can be welded by various fusion welding methods, including general arc welding, inert gas tungsten welding, inert gas metal electrode welding, and submerged arc welding.

Welding surface must be thoroughly derusted before welding. Welding should be carried out in the annealed state. During the welding process, the possible stress in the welding area should be minimized, and the welding parameters should be as low as possible and the sufficient shielding airflow should be used. Alloys can also be brazed if proper techniques are used and brazing alloys are used. When resistance welding is used, special technological measures are required. A longer spot welding time should be used for spot welding, and water cooling should be used to ensure the welding quality and avoid crystal segregation. There should be breaks in seam welding to prevent cracks and excessive twisting. Sheets with a thickness less than 3 mm are best welded with inert gas tungsten electrodes, while plates with a thickness greater than 3 mm are best used with inert gas metal electrodes.

Applications of Hastelloy X

  • Spiral pipe in a petrochemical furnace

  • Hot gas cooling nuclear reactors

  • Industrial furnace components, support rolls, grids, ribbons and radiant tubes

  • Industrial and aerospace steam turbines (combustors, rectifiers, structural covers)

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