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MP35N performance introduction (Tech Center of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd)

1. MP35N introduction

MP35N is a high-strength, high-temperature alloy steel that is a type of cobalt-based alloy. It has extremely high corrosion resistance and wear resistance and can be used to manufacture various high-strength and high-temperature parts and equipment.

2. Performance of MP35N:

▪ Strength performance: MP35N has extremely high strength and hardness and can withstand high-intensity impact and pressure, ensuring the stability and reliability of parts and equipment.

▪ Toughness: MP35N has good toughness and plasticity, which can avoid breakage and cracks under high loads.

▪ Thermal fatigue resistance: MP35N has good thermal fatigue resistance and can withstand long-term use at high temperatures.

▪ Wear resistance: MP35N has excellent wear resistance and can resist wear and abrasion of components and equipment under high loads.

▪ Bite resistance: MP35N has good bite resistance, which can avoid the occurrence of bite and adhesion of parts and equipment during use.

3. Performance requirements of MP35N:

The performance requirements of MP35N include strength, hardness, toughness, thermal fatigue resistance, wear resistance, bite resistance, etc., which need to meet different application requirements.

4. Product classification of MP35N:

The product classification of MP35N includes three types: MP35N-1, MP35N-2 and MP35N-3, which are suitable for different applications.

5. Process performance of MP35N:

MP35N has good processability and forgeability, and can be used in various processing and forming processes, such as cold drawing, hot rolling, forging, etc.

6. Commonly used molds for MP35N:

MP35N is often used to manufacture parts and equipment with high strength and high temperature, such as aerospace engines, petrochemical equipment, medical equipment, etc.

7. MP35N steel grade:

The steel grade of MP35N is UNS R30035.

8. Overview of MP35N trends:

As a high-strength, high-temperature alloy steel, MP35N has a wide range of application prospects. In the future, with the continuous development of aviation, petrochemical, medical and other industries, the demand for MP35N will gradually increase.

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