aerospace industry Material vacuum melting furnace

Established Suzhou Research Institute of Shanghai HY Industrial Co., Ltd. ( aerospace industry Material )

Due to business adjustment, our company ( Shanghai HY Industrial Co., Ltd. ) established the Suzhou Research Institute of Shanghai Heyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. this year. The research institute is equipped with a 1-ton vacuum melting furnace, an atmosphere electroslag remelting furnace, a 9-meter annealing furnace, a cold-drawn polished rod production line, and a cold-drawn wire production line. Three-dimensional digital flaw detection equipment, high-temperature creep testing machine and other necessary testing equipment for high-temperature alloys, as well as three doctoral supervisors, seven doctors, and a high-quality scientific research team with 48 scientific researchers. Cartridges and nozzles are the target materials. In the next three years, it will take the greatest efforts to overcome the difficulties of international aviation superalloys, and become a special research institute established by Jiangsu Province for the complete independent manufacturing of supporting parts for China’s aerospace industry Material. At present, the equipment debugging has been completed, with a monthly output of more than 80 tons of high-temperature alloy vacuum blanks and more than 15 tons of high-quality aviation polished rods.

aerospace industry Material vacuum melting furnaceaerospace industry Material rod production line  aerospace industry Material atmosphere electroslag remelting furnace

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