invar alloy strip

HY-Industry invar alloy strip has the application conditions for LNG real ships (marketing department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd)

After passing the production site certification of French GTT company in February this year, recently, the invar alloy strip for LNG ships (liquefied natural gas carriers) trial-produced by HY-Industry Special Steel has successfully passed double hemming and welding in Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard. test. This shows that the invar alloy strip produced by HY-Industry Special Steel has met the conditions for actual ship application.
The LNG carrier is recognized as the most difficult to build in the world, and is a “three-high” special ship with high technology, high reliability and high added value. Invar alloy strip is one of the key materials used on liquefied natural gas ships, with a thickness of only 0.7mm and an actual service temperature of minus 163°C, which requires strict low-temperature performance. Moreover, since the invar alloy strips are all spliced ​​by welding technology during ship construction, the strips must have excellent welding performance and good shape. At present, very few enterprises in China can produce them.

The French GTT company has the core technology of LNG shipbuilding, and the membrane type liquid cargo tank system developed by it occupies most of the global market. This time, Hudong Shipyard has carried out a hemming test on four 40-meter-long invar strips. After the hemming, the shape of the plate is good, and the simulation is carried out according to the actual ship welding process. The inspector of GTT company inspected and tested the weld seam, and the results showed that the weld seam was in good shape and fully met the requirements of the GTT standard

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