HY succeeded in smelting N10276 corrosion resistant alloy with new technology.(HY-industry technical centre)



HY No. 3 Steelmaking Plant used N10276 corrosion-resistant alloy smelted by vacuum induction furnace + protective atmosphere electroslag furnace. The surface and internal components of the ingot were all qualified. At present, steel ingots have been processed into finished materials for delivery to users. This marks the first time the company has succeeded in smelting N10276 alloy with a new process. The opening of the new process route will help shorten the production cycle and reduce production costs, laying a solid foundation for the next step of expanding production scale.

N10276 corrosion resistant alloy workshopN10276 is a corrosion-resistant high-temperature alloy product with good resistance to pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. It is widely used in chemical and petrochemical industries and is a special material for oil well pipes. This time, the company tried to use the new process for trial production, which will effectively alleviate the production pressure of “double vacuum” smelting equipment.

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