[Collision of high-tech and new materials] 17-4ph stainless steel 3D printing new materials(HY-industry technical centre)


17-4ph stainless steelStainless steel may not be the most popular metal in the world, but it is indeed the most useful metal. Robust, corrosion-resistant and versatile, making it suitable for harsh environments.

  • Stainless steel can be sterilized in autoclaves and is therefore commonly used in the medical industry or as a dental instrument. Its high strength and corrosion resistance make it common in automotive and aerospace applications. Of course, stainless steel is also a popular material for metal 3D printing.

  • EOS is currently offering a new stainless steel material for EOS M 290 systems for 3D printing. This product is the EOS stainless steel 17-4ph industrial series, which consists of a metal-based alloy powder and a set of parameters specifically for printing on the M 290. According to EOS, it satisfies the basic requirements for continuous production using additive manufacturing, and the material reliability data of the product guarantees the quality of the regenerable parts.

  • This is very important because previous material properties such as hardness, elongation at break and tensile strength are determined based on a small statistic, which means a complex, time consuming Testing and grading process. In the production of stainless steel 17-4ph, users can save a lot of time and cost, and spend time on quality assurance and product certification.

  • “For customers, planning safety and reliability is a top priority for continuous production. In the 17-4ph series of stainless steel production, EOS provides statistically proven and reliable data for the most important material properties of finished parts. “This greatly improves the quality standards for additive manufacturing. Customers can use 1:1 data to limit the technology for mass production, thereby minimizing the time required and reducing internal materials and processes,” said EOS Chief Technology Officer Tobias Abeln. The cost of the condition.”

  • This new material is described by EOS as an ideal choice for medical and orthopedic applications. 3D printed parts made of stainless steel 17-4ph industrial line material can be further processed by micro-spraying, polishing or other after printing. Users can use these material data sheets and material test certificates, which contain detailed information and material standards for testing. These standards are in line with international standards and, in the absence of international standards, are developed through internal quality assurance procedures. The quality of each batch of metal powder is guaranteed by EOS. Here you can see the material data sheet for the stainless steel 17-4ph industrial production line.

  • Dr. Zachary Bryan, a test developer, said: “We are impressed with the quantity and quality of the industry lines and materials provided by EOS. We have manufactured various instruments based on the EOS stainless steel 17-4ph industrial line and have achieved the expectations. Material properties. Exactech plans to use this material for small-scale production of medical devices and intends to work with EOS.”


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