Signing of memorandum of Cooperation

HY-industry provides high-temperature alloy tubes for construction companies in large quantities for the first time.

On April 16, Shanghai CNOOC (Jiangsu) Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (SCG) completed the CNOOC Ningbo Ningbo Distillate Project to complete the Incoloy 800HT new alloy steel pipe weld joint welding and qualified for flaw detection. This is the first time HY-industry has supplied high-temperature alloy pipes and flanges for domestic construction group companies. It is also the first time SCG has adopted Incoloy 800HT new alloy steel in chemical projects, and the welding inspection process has been completed by the inspection center. On the 17th, SCG CNOOC Ningbo Ningbo Distillate Project completed the first DN900 weld welding, and passed the non-destructive testing, and the welding mouth was qualified.

Incoloy 800HT alloy pipeThe new alloy steel is a new high-performance alloy steel. It is a full-austenitic low-carbon nickel-iron-chromium alloy in the same series as Incoloy 800. The cobalt content in the alloy can be strictly controlled below 0.01%. Compared with common alloy steel, Incoloy 800HT new alloy steel has excellent corrosion resistance in extremely high temperature aqueous medium up to 500 ° C, and has good resistance to stress corrosion and good processability, even in 700-900 Strong creep performance and corrosion resistance at °C under high temperature conditions. Based on its excellent creep properties, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, SCG uses Incoloy 800HT new alloy steel for a wide range of ultra-high pressure steam pipes in styrene plants.

Incoloy 800HT new alloy steel has high thermal crack sensitivity during welding. The SCG project department, HY-industry and the inspection center repeatedly communicated and discussed a series of technical problems such as welding current, welding speed and post-weld heat treatment. A pre-welding process specification was formed and a formal welding procedure qualification was finally formed. The project’s Incoloy 800HT welding joints total 1374 meters, currently equipped with 4 full-time welders, is expected to be completed by the end of June.

After the successful cooperation of this nearly 96 tons of Incoloy 800HT new alloy steel, SCG and HY-industry have fully established their trust. SCG affirmed the professional quality and product quality of HY in high-temperature alloy materials, and then the two parties signed long-term high-temperature alloy materials. The strategic cooperation agreement will deepen cooperation in the offshore oil and gas field project in the future.


HY-industry is qualified  Nickelalloy&cobalt alloy materials supplier.

We have more than twenty years experience in kind of High temperature alloy production.Incoloy & Inconel series alloy is a mature product successfully debugged by our technical team after five years.

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