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Manufacturing of large forgings for 3600T crane hook group (Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd-marketing department)

Recently, the large forgings of the 3600T crane hook group produced by Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd won the bid and passed the acceptance of Zhenhua Port Machinery, marking the beginning of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd’s business in the field of port machinery.

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Third workshop of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd was established in April 2019, mainly for the steam turbine rotor business. Recently, due to the large increase in domestic demand for stainless steel forgings in China, the business has gradually expanded to other industries. It currently covers shipbuilding and port machinery. , Bridges, earthquake resistance and other industries, last year’s business volume reached 93 million RMB

Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd is qualified superalloy supplier.We have more than 20 years experience in kind of  Nickel alloy,Cobalt alloy,Titanium alloy.

Aviation industry material supply business accounted for nearly 30%,Welcome the majority of aviation industry enterprises to consult

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