Monel K500 Round Bar

Monel K500 Round Bar (High precision aging polishing rod)

Monel K-500 is a precipitation hardening copper-nickel alloy. The material has corrosion resistance comparable to Monel 400, but has higher mechanical strength and hardness. It has good hot corrosion resistance and long-term organizational stability. Mainly used to manufacture turbine blades and gas turbine blades on aero engines with operating temperatures below 750°C; used to manufacture fasteners and springs on ships; pumps and valve parts on chemical equipment; and scraper blades on papermaking equipment. , impellers, conveyor scrapers, oil drill rings, strong components, valve parts, etc.

The production standard for Monel K500 copper-nickel alloy aging polished rods is ASTM B865. After solid solution aging, the strength reaches more than 895MPA and the elongation is greater than 20%. VIM+ESR electroslag treatment is used for smelting, and new raw materials are used for smelting raw materials.

Monel K500 is difficult to produce due to its high copper content. The temperature control of forged and rolled steel is very strict, and the yield rate is relatively low. The application of Monel K500 Round Bar steel produced by SHANGHAI HY INDUCTRY CO., LTD this time is shaft parts. The two specifications are outer diameter Φ 42.83~42.85 x length 3084mm and outer diameter Φ 55.53~55.55 x length 3084mm. Tolerance The requirement is 0~+0.02mm, the maximum run out value is 0.025mm, 30 pieces for each specification, the production is difficult, and it is one of the few domestic manufacturers that can produce large-sized polishing rods made of this kind of material. After 40 days of intense manufacturing , and finally deliver goods to customers as scheduled, with quality and quantity guaranteed.

Currently SHANGHAI HY INDUCTRY CO., LTD can produce Monel K500 forgings (rings, flanges, sleeves, cakes, shafts), solid solution aging bright rods (3mm-300 mm), polished rods (3-70mm) and other products. It can perform solid solution or aging treatment according to customer requirements, and can also process various mechanical products according to customer requirements.

Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd has international first-class material production equipment such as high temperature alloy isothermal forging production line, CONSARC vacuum melting furnace, VAR vacuum arc remelting furnace etc., with strong professional ability and highly responsible management team. We are a member of China Application of nuclear energy materials, Member of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences,China Electronic Materials Industry Association Magnetic Materials Branch. Years of experience in special alloy. When you have superalloy material inquiry, please contact us without hesitation. Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd is Corrosion & fatigue nickel alloy professional manufacturer,We will provide you with sincere and thoughtful service.

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