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Ni 201 strips sold to Europe are ready for shipment (Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd-marketing department)

Ni 201 coil strips production completedLast week, a batch of Ni 201 superalloy thin strip produced by Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd was packed in boxes, and the products were sold to Europe, ASTM B160/B564 standard delivery,with a total of 17.5 tons. This is our largest batch of Ni201 orders in 2021, because the customer’s last batch of materials encountered The force majeure of the government’s power curtailment has caused delivery delays. Although similar products on the market have risen by 35% at the time of delivery, we still deliver the goods at the contract price. The customer’s large order this time is to predict that the market price of materials will increase at an accelerated rate, and the order quantity for next year will be purchased in advance.

With the arrival of winter, China’s power regulation will become more frequent in the next three months. Here, Shanghai HY Industry reminds our customers that our company’s orders have soared and the inventory is almost sold out. Customers with exact alloy material needs can buy in batches. The small furnace may rarely be turned on, and we will try our best to guarantee everyone’s delivery date.

In 2021, global companies have experienced the impact of the new crown virus epidemic, power shortages, and soaring raw materials and freight. Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd sincerely hopes that all mankind can work together to overcome all difficulties and reshape the global economic and technological take-off.

Ni 200 strips packaginglast week

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