HY-industry has development of nickel alloy powder for welding consumables


Nickel alloy powderRecently,Nickel alloy powder for welding consumables was successfully developed in HY metal powder manufacturing division! Nickel alloy powder for welding consumables is an application of atomized nickel powder in the powder metallurgy industry. It can be used as an alloy material component in welding rods and fluxes in welding, and used as a filler metal in brazing.These powders are used in a wide range of applications, mainly aerobic acetylene flame spray welding, supersonic flame spraying (HVOF or HVAF), plasma surfacing, plasma spraying, laser cladding, induction remelting, centrifugal casting, 3D printing and powder metallurgy. Mainly used in gates, ball valve spheres, valve seats, plungers, screws, barrels, glass molds, laminar flow rollers, drawing drums, drawing tower wheels, sucker rods, fan blades, screw conveyors, diamond tools, etc. .



In recent years, with the continuous development of the atomic energy industry, batteries, electrical alloys, high-temperature high-strength alloys, machinery, automobile manufacturing, diamond tools and stone, metal parts, etc., the annual consumption of atomized nickel powder is increasing, except In addition to making various mechanical parts and related materials, it can also be directly applied as additives, welding rods, coatings and the like. From the market point of view, the production and application of atomized nickel powder is in the development stage, but with the market demand and the development of technology, the demand for various nickel and copper powders is increasing.


Nickel alloy powderIn order to actively face market challenges and seize market opportunities, the R&D team of the Metal Powder Manufacturing Division made full use of the existing production equipment and technical conditions of the business unit, and overcome difficulties. Through 15 days of hard work and unremitting struggle, it successfully developed in recent days. The welding consumable nickel alloy powder has been produced. The powder is currently excellent in various industry indicators, and the input-output rate is over 91%. At present, the alloy powder has been equipped with large-scale production conditions. After successful promotion, it will become a new economic growth point for the business unit and the company.


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