NiFe Alloy 1J38

Short Introduction:

  • NiFe Alloy 1J38 is suitable for traveling wave tube, magnetron, voltage regulator, odometer, wind anemometer and meter magnetic shunt compensation components.



    NiFe Alloy 1J38

     1J38  Material grades and equivalents:






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    Chemical composition:


    Chemical composition(%)


















    1J38 soft magnetic alloy has excellent mechanical properties and a wide range of applications. It has high magnetic permeability, low hysteresis and good thermal stability, and is suitable for use in electronics, electromagnetic equipment and other fields. In addition, the alloy has good cold working properties and toughness and can be used to manufacture various electronic devices, such as sensors, transformers, inductors, etc. Its special properties make it excellent in absorbing and conducting magnetic fields, making it an important soft magnetic material. The following will introduce in detail the mechanical properties and application fields of 1J38 soft magnetic alloy.

    1. Mechanical properties of 1J38 alloy:
    Magnetic permeability: 1J38 soft magnetic alloy has high magnetic permeability, which can effectively conduct and concentrate magnetic fields, thereby improving signal and energy transmission efficiency in circuits.
    Anti-stress relaxation performance: 1J38 soft magnetic alloy has good anti-stress relaxation performance during long-term use and can maintain stable magnetic properties and shape.
    Mechanical strength: 1J38 soft magnetic alloy also has good mechanical strength and can withstand certain pressure and load, maintaining structural integrity and stability.
    Thermal expansion coefficient: 1J38 soft magnetic alloy has a moderate thermal expansion coefficient, which can reduce the stress and deformation caused by thermal expansion and contraction when the temperature changes, thereby improving the stability of the material.

    2. Application areas of 1J38 alloy:
    Electronic devices: 1J38 soft magnetic alloy can be used to manufacture electronic components such as sensors, transformers, inductors, and magnetic heads to achieve functions such as signal conversion, power control, and data storage.
    Communication equipment: 1J38 soft magnetic alloy is suitable for manufacturing communication equipment such as antennas, filters, couplers, etc., which can improve the reception and transmission performance of communication signals.
    Automotive industry: 1J38 soft magnetic alloy can be used to manufacture automotive electronic control units (ECUs), electric drive systems, sensors, etc., to improve vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.
    Medical devices: 1J38 soft magnetic alloy is used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), magnetic stimulation therapy and sensors in electronic medical equipment in medical devices for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.
    Energy field: 1J38 soft magnetic alloy can be used to manufacture transformers, generators, motors, etc. in power generation equipment to improve energy transmission and conversion efficiency.

    1J38 soft magnetic alloy has excellent mechanical properties and a wide range of applications. Its high magnetic permeability, good stress relaxation resistance, high mechanical strength and moderate thermal expansion coefficient make it an ideal material in many industries such as electronic devices, communication equipment, automotive industry, medical equipment and energy fields. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the application of 1J38 soft magnetic alloy in more fields needs to be developed and explored.

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