NiFe Alloy 4J32

Short Introduction:

  • NiFe Alloy 4J32 is suitable for precision instruments and meters, cryogenic vessels, microwave communications, etc.


    NiFe Alloy 4J32

    NiFe Alloy 4J32

    Chemical composition:






















    Characteristic as below:

    4J32 alloy is also called Super-Invar alloy. In the temperature range of -60 ~ 80 ℃, its expansion coefficient is lower than that of 4J36 alloy, but its low temperature structure stability is worse than that of 4J36 alloy. The alloy is mainly used in the manufacture of high-precision instrument parts that require high dimensionality within the range of ambient temperature changes.

    4J32 heat treatment system

    The expansion coefficient and low-temperature tissue stability performance test samples specified in the standard are processed and heat-treated as follows: heat the semi-finished sample to 840°C±10°C, keep it warm for 1h, and quench it in water, and then process the sample into a finished sample , keep warm at 315°C±10°C for 1h, and cool in the furnace or in air.

    4J32 Application Overview and Special Requirements

    The alloy is a typical low-expansion alloy, which has been used by aviation factories for a long time and has stable performance. It is mainly used in the manufacture of precision components with highly accurate dimensions within the range of ambient temperature changes. In use, the heat treatment process and processing process should be strictly controlled, and its structural stability should be strictly tested according to the use temperature.

    4J32 alloy structure

    After the alloy is treated according to the heat treatment system specified in 1.5, and then cooled at -60°C for 2 hours, martensite should not appear. However, when the alloy composition is inappropriate, different degrees of austenite (γ) to acicular martensite (α) transformation will occur at room temperature or low temperature, and the phase transformation is accompanied by volume expansion effect. The coefficient of expansion of the alloy increases accordingly. The main factor affecting the microstructure stability of the alloy at low temperature is the chemical composition of the alloy. It can be seen from the Fe-Ni-Co ternary phase diagram that nickel is the main element to stabilize the γ phase. A high nickel content is beneficial to the stability of the γ phase. Copper is also an important element to stabilize the alloy structure. As the total deformation rate of the alloy increases, its microstructure tends to be more stable. Alloy composition segregation may also cause γ→α phase transformation in local areas. In addition, the coarser grains will also promote the γ→α phase transformation.

    4J32 application :

    1. Aerospace industry: Due to its strong thermal stability and mechanical properties, 4J32 is widely used in the aerospace industry, such as the manufacture of aircraft, rocket engines and related equipment.

    2. Manufacturing of precision instruments: In the manufacturing of precision measuring instruments, 4J32 is widely used because of its superior thermal stability, which requires highly stable dimensions and good corrosion resistance.

    3. Petroleum and chemical industry: The corrosion resistance of 4J32 makes it play a key role in harsh petroleum and chemical industrial environments, such as the manufacture of oil refining equipment and petrochemical equipment.

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