UNS R30605 (Stellite 25)


HY ST25 Material grades and equivalents:Stellite 25 / UNS R30605




Stellite 25

HY ST25 Material grades and equivalentsStellite 25 / UNS R30605


Chemical composition:

Co Cr W C Ni Mo Fe Si Other
Bal. 20 14 0.1 10 <1.0 <3.0 <1.0 <0.5


Mechanical properties:

ASME/AWS Hardness(HRC)
- 20-45

Characteristic as below:

Stellite 25 is resistant to oxidation and carburization up to 1900°F. The alloy resists wet chlorine at ambient temperatures and is resistant to nitric and hydrochloric acids under certain conditions. Exposure testing is recommended to verify performance.

Processing conditions and application:

Metal working tools where a combination of metal-on-metal wear, thermal fatigue and hot corrosion resistanceare required, such as piercing points, forming tools, and extrusion dies. Also used for furnace hardware.