Explosive composite plate

Choice of Metal Explosive Composite Plate VS Rolled Composite Plate.(HY-industry technical centre)

Explosive composite panels, HY-Industry contact for a long time, about 12 years; rolled composite panels, research and manufacturing began 5 years ago.
The metal composite board is a composite sheet steel which is a combination of a base layer (such as various types of commonly used carbon steel) and a composite layer (also called a cladding layer, a coating layer, and generally a special corrosion-resistant or other precious metal material), and the transition layer is Strong metallurgical combination, can carry out various processing such as hot pressing, cold bending, cutting, welding, etc., and has good process performance.

As the base material of the metal composite plate, various ordinary carbon steels such as Q235B, Q345R, Q345B, and 15CrMoR and special steel can be used.

The coating material can be used in a wide range: ordinary stainless steel: 304, 304L, 316L, S31603; industrial pure titanium: TA1, TA2, titanium alloy, etc.; duplex steel: 2205, 2507; super stainless steel: 904L and other austenitic stainless steel, 254SMO, AL6XN, 1.4529; nickel base alloy: Hastelloy C-276, C-22, Monel400 and Inconel600, Inconelloy 825 and other nickel alloys; copper, aluminum plate……
In theory, all ductile special metals can be used to make composite panels.

The advantages are obvious: the original 15mm Hastelloy C276 full metal, composite plate 3 + 15 Hastelloy C276 composite plate, both corrosion resistance and high strength withstand pressure. Save resources, reduce the amount of precious metals, greatly reduce the project cost, and achieve the perfect combination of low cost and high performance.

HY-Industry has witnessed the rapid development of this industry. The metal composite plate material and thickness can be freely combined and customized according to requirements. It has been widely used in petrochemical, coal chemical, fluorine chemical, fine chemical, acetic acid acetic anhydride, PTA, chlor-alkali, salt, metallurgy, medicine, electric power and other fields.

Manufacture of metal composite panels:

There are two main methods for industrial production of metal composite panels: explosive composite and hot rolled composite.

(1) Explosive compound

Explosive Composite PlateThe production process of the explosive composite board is to superimpose the composite layer on the substrate, and the composite layer and the substrate are spaced apart by a certain distance. The composite layer is flattened with explosives to ignite the energy of the explosive-drug explosion, so that the upper composite layer hits the lower substrate at a high speed, and the high temperature and high pressure are instantaneously generated to realize the solid phase metallurgical welding combination of the interfaces of the two materials. Ideally, the interface has a shear strength of 400 Mpa per square millimeter, which is sufficient for subsequent processing needs.

The production of explosive composite panels is generally carried out in remote outdoor workshops. Due to the working characteristics of the explosives, there are certain requirements for the weather. This is a factor that affects its efficiency.

(2) Hot rolling composite

Rolled Composite PlateThe hot-rolled composite sheet process is based on the physical and pure state of the substrate and the composite layer, and is produced by rolling using a plate mill or a hot strip mill. The two metal diffusions during the rolling process achieve a complete metallurgical bond. Of course, in order to improve the wetting effect of the composite interface and improve the bonding strength, a series of technical measures are taken in the physical and chemical treatment of the interface. The hot rolling process enables continuous and large-scale production of composite panels, which is not subject to weather restrictions, high production efficiency, low cost, and large product size is its main feature.

(3) Implementation standards

The above two composite board manufacturing methods all implement the GB/T-8165-2008 Chinese national standard. This standard is not equivalent to the Japanese JISG3601-1990 standard, and the main technical indicators are the same or higher than the Japanese standard.

Today, for composite panels for pressure vessels, explosive composites and rolling composites each have their own standards.

After 2009, the explosive composite plate was subjected to the NB/T47002-2009 standard for explosive welded composite plates for pressure vessels. According to the different composite layers, there were four sub-sections: stainless steel, nickel-based alloy and copper.

YB/T4282-2012 is the standard for hot rolled composite sheets for pressure vessels. This also shows that the explosion and rolling are the same, and the production of pressure vessels is the same, and there is no difference in technology and use.

(4) Explosive composite features

What are the process characteristics of explosive composite and hot rolled composite panels?

Let me talk about the explosive composite features:

  • Since the explosive composite is cold-worked, it can produce a variety of metal composite panels, such as titanium, copper, nickel, aluminum, etc. and a variety of non-ferrous metals.

  • Explosive composite can produce metal composite panels with a total thickness of several hundred millimeters thick, such as some large water project bases and ultra-thick tube sheets. However, it is not suitable for the production of thin composite steel sheets with a total thickness of less than 8 mm.

  • Explosive composite utilization of explosive-drug energy production will cause vibration, noise and smoke pollution to the environment. However, equipment investment is small, and there are hundreds of domestic explosion production plants.

  • Small-scale production and large-scale production can be, such as two or three tube sheets, a variety of special-shaped size combinations. The coating can be spliced ​​and ground before exploding.

  • Explosive composite production efficiency is low due to weather and other process conditions.

(5) Hot rolling composite features

  • It is produced by large-scale plate mill and hot strip mill, so the production efficiency is high and the supply speed is fast. The product has a large format and a free thickness combination. Stainless steel coating thickness of 0.5mm or more can be produced. However, the investment in the upper equipment and hot rolling production line is large, so there are fewer manufacturers.

  • Due to the limitation of the compression ratio of rolling steel, the hot-rolled production can not produce composite steel plates with a thickness of more than 50mm, and it is not convenient to produce various special-shaped composite plates with small batches and round shapes.

  • The advantages of hot-rolled composite panels 6, 8, 10 mm thin gauge composite panels. Under hot rolling conditions, composite coil production can be realized, and then the length is fixed as needed to meet more user needs.

  • Due to technical conditions, the direct production of titanium, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal composites in the hot rolling process needs to be improved.

It is not difficult to find that the composite boards with different production processes have their own advantages. Let users reduce costs and use materials reasonably. From the cost accounting, rolling is calculated in terms of tonnage. The explosion is calculated according to the explosion area.

Experts in the industry: The thicker the steel plate, the explosive composite has advantages. The thinner the steel plate, the better the rolling method, and the thickness is 20mm. If you will use a metal composite panel later, you may wish to compare it.

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