INCOLOY A286 coated discs

Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd successfully developed INCOLOY A286 high-temperature alloy coated discs to replace imports  (HY-industry technical centre)

In July, Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd successfully completed the delivery of the first batch of INCOLOY A286 superalloy coated disk contracts. This is one of the alternative import projects set up by Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd this year. The successful trial production and smooth delivery of the first batch of INCOLOY A286 superalloy coated coils has laid a foundation for the material to break the foreign monopoly and the company to undertake more orders in the future. Solid foundation.

INCOLOY A286 is an age-strengthened iron-nickel-chromium-based superalloy. Among them, the film-coated INCOLOY A286 disk can be used to make fasteners in the aerospace, automotive and other fields, and the market potential is huge. Previously, the INCOLOY A286 coated discs used in China mainly relied on imports from the United States, Japan and other countries. In order to break the long-term monopoly of foreign companies and further expand the market share of superalloy products, since this year, Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd. related leaders, as well as related personnel in technical and sales lines have increased the frequency of going to the market and visiting users. In-depth understanding of users’ needs to replace imports, and successfully launched a localized substitution cooperation of INCOLOY A286 coated discs.

INCOLOY A286 superalloy has been produced in Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd for many years. The main products are forged rods, rolled rods and cold drawn rods. The coated coil has never been produced before, so it is facing great production. difficulty. In order to solve these problems, the scientific research team of the company’s technical center based on the previous production experience of  A286 products, everyone brainstormed and analyzed the characteristics of the alloy in detail, and finally formulated detailed production assurance measures. In July, with the joint efforts of the scientific research team of the Technology Center, the relevant smelting and processing units, and the brother unit Northeast Special Steel Co., Ltd., the first batch of Φ9.78mm  A286 coated discs was successfully completed. After inspection, all performance indicators of the product were completed. Up to standard.

At present, the high-temperature alloy scientific research team of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd Technology Center is collecting and combing the production data of A286 coated discs from smelting, billeting, drawing, coating and other processes, and then improving and optimizing the production process. Make full preparations for mass production in the future.

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