nickel-chromium-based solid-solution strengthening alloy:inconel 601

Inconel 601 (UNS N06601) nickel-chromium-based solid-solution strengthening alloy (marketing department of Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd)

Inconel 601 alloy is a nickel-chromium-based solid-solution strengthening alloy , which has good high temperature corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, excellent cold and hot processing and welding performance, and has satisfactory thermal strength and high plasticity below 700 ° C. It can be passed The cold working is strengthened, and it can also be connected by resistance welding, welding or brazing. It is suitable for making anti-oxidation parts that withstand low loads below 1100 °C.

Inconel 601 Features

01 Very good carbonation resistance
02Excellent oxidation resistance at high temperature
03Excellent oxidation resistance in sulfur-containing atmosphere
04Good resistance to stress corrosion cracking
05Excellent mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperature

Inconel 601 chemical composition





























Inconel601 nickel chromium alloy Physical properties:



Melting point


 Inconel601 nickel chromium alloy minimum mechanical properties in the room temperature:

 Alloy state

Tensile strength Rm N/mm²

Yield strength R P0. 2N/mm²

Elongation A 5 %

Brinell hardnessHB










Inconel 601 corrosion resistance

An important property of Inconel 601 alloy is that it has good instantaneous and long-term mechanical properties at temperatures as high as 1180 ° C. Even under very severe conditions, such as heating and cooling cycles, the alloy can form a dense oxide film and It has high resistance to spalling, and has excellent corrosion resistance in hot corrosion fields such as vulcanization environments, especially in oxidation and carbonization environments up to 1100 °C. These corrosion resistances, combined with excellent mechanical properties, make this alloy particularly suitable for high temperature applications. Alloy 601 also has good carburization resistance. Due to the high content of chromium and aluminum, it has good oxidation resistance in high-temperature sulfur-containing atmosphere.

The oxidation resistance of Inconel 601 alloy to repeated oxidation environment is better than that of SUS 310S and Alloy800, and it is most suitable for repeated heating and cooling environments.

Inconel 601 heat treatment

Inconel 601 is not a precipitation hardening alloy, so it cannot be age hardened by heat treatment. After cold working, when the temperature reaches about 900°C, the material will soften. If the material has high temperature strength, it is recommended to perform solution heat treatment at a temperature of 1100~1200°C. At this time, the cooling method is water cooling, and air cooling can also be used according to the thickness of the plate. However, in order to avoid carbide precipitation, it is recommended to cool as quickly as possible in the temperature range of 500~800°C.

Inconel 601 other properties

The performance characteristics of Inconel 601 alloy are superior to those of 600. It is an alloy with high chromium content, so it has excellent oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, carbonation resistance, and sulfuration resistance. It has good mechanical properties and performance at room temperature and high temperature. Good resistance to stress corrosion cracking, due to the control of carbon content and grain size, it has high creep rupture strength, so it is recommended to be used in the field above 500 °C.
Inconel 601 alloy has good hot workability, the deformation temperature is 870~1230℃, the large deformation is 1040~1230℃, and the low plastic temperature is 650~871℃. Cold working in solid solution state is a good effect, and its strengthening The effect is not as good as 304, and the heat treatment temperature of Inconel 601 alloy is 1100~1150℃.

The welding of Inconel 601 alloy is the same as that of standard austenitic stainless steel, and TIG welding, MIG welding and manual arc welding can be used. It is best to use mechanical cutting for groove processing. The angle of U and V grooves should be as large as possible. Surface pollution has a great impact on processing quality, so special attention should be paid to the cleaning of welding parts.

Due to the high nickel content, the machinability of Inconel 601 alloy is worse than that of austenitic stainless steel. Although high-speed steel tools can be used for cutting, super-steel tools should be used as much as possible, the advance speed should be slowed down, and the cutting depth should be increased. During welding or heat treatment, the lubricating oil must be removed. The target speed of lathe processing is as follows:
High speed steel tool 1050-1350 mm/min
Super steel tools 3000-5250 mm/min

The performance characteristics of Inconel 601 alloy are better than 600. It is an alloy with high chromium content, so it has excellent oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, carbonation resistance, and sulfuration resistance. It has good mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperature.

Inconel 601 Applications

Inconel 601 alloy is mainly used in heating equipment, chemical industry, environmental pollution control and power industry, such as heat treatment equipment and components, various industrial furnace tubes, sleeves, flame nozzles, electric heating elements, resistance wire sleeves, chemical industry Condenser pipes, equipment parts in HNO3 production, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts in the glass industry

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