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 Customized Inconel 718 forged parts shipped in Europe.(HY-marketing departmentes)

Just recently, the HY-Industry Special Alloy Factory was successfully rated as a model of military-civilian integration enterprises by Jiangsu Province. The local government funded the renovation of the plant and installed the dead-end monitoring. Gas turbine forgings will be manufactured in a special workshop and separated from military projects. The picture below shows the recently completed gas turbine Inconel 718 forgings, which will be exported to Germany.

Inconel 718 forged parts for steam turbine Inconel 718 forged parts for steam turbine packaging Inconel 718 forged parts for steam turbine Inconel 718 forged parts for steam turbine

Inconel 718 Material grades and equivalents

Inconel 718 / GB GH4169 / UNS N07718 / SEW VDIUV W.Nr.2.4668 NiCr19Fe19Nb5Mo3 / BS NA 51/ AFNOR NC19FeNb

Inconel 718 Chemical composition:





































Inconel 718 Physical properties:


8.2 g/cm³

Melting point

1260-1340 ℃


Inconel 718 Alloy minimum mechanical properties in the roomtemperature:


Tensile strength Rm N/mm²

Yield strength R P0. 2N/mm²

Elongation A 5 %

Brinell hardness HB







Inconel 718 Characteristic as below:


2.High tensile strength,endurance strength,creep strength and rupture strength at 700℃.

3.High inoxidability at1000℃.

4.Steady mechanical performance in the low temperature.

5.Good welding performance.

Inconel  718 Metallurgical structure:

Inconel 718 is Austenitic structure, precipitation hardening generate “γ” made it excellent mechanical performance. G rain boundary generate “δ” made it the best plasticity in the heat treatment.

Inconel  718 Corrosion resistance:

Inconel 718 with extremely resistance to stress corrosion cracking and pitting ability in high temperature or low temperature environments, especially the inoxidability in the high temperature.

Inconel 718 Application field:

  1. The elevated temperature strength, excellent corrosion resistance and workability at 700℃ properties made it use in a wide range of high requirement environments.

  2. 1.Steam turbine 2.Liquid-fuel rocket

  3. 3.Cryogenic engineering 4.Acid environment 5.Nuclear engineering




AMS 5599/AMS 5879/ASME SB-443 Gr.

1/ASTM B670




AMS 5666/ASME SB-446 Gr. 1/ASTM

B-446 Gr. 1


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