Alloy L605 Haynes 25 UNS R30605 stainless steel welding wire (HY-marketing departmentes)

Another batch of L605 was sent from the warehouse of Shanghai HY Industry. It is a welding wire of Φ1.6*1000mm. This year HY Industry has produced about 15000kg of welding wire of this brand. The customer feedback after using it is very good.Alloy L605 wire Φ1.6*1000mm

1. Introduction:

L605 is a cobalt-based alloy with good formability and excellent high temperature performance. Under high temperature and high strength environments below 1800° F (980° C), the material is resistant to oxidation, carbonization and cracking . It has other excellent properties including anti-metal seizure properties.

2. Performance

In jet engine applications, it exhibits excellent resistance to high temperature and corrosive gases. The oxidation resistance of intermittent operation at 1600°F and continuous operation at 2000°F is also very good. During the heating process, L605 is highly resistant to oxidation and no material appears. Peel off. At the same time, the material can withstand a variety of chemical oxidants, especially hydrochloric acid and nitric acid at a certain concentration and temperature, and has a good resistance to salt spray corrosion.

Solution treatment:

  • Most of the delivery state of L605 is in the solid solution state, with the best performance. The solid solution temperature of this material is 2150-2250°F, and then quickly air-cooled or water quenched. The solid solution temperature of the thin plate below 0.025″ is 2150° F, then rapid air cooling or water quenching; the solid solution temperature of thin plates above 0.026″ is 2200°F, and then rapid air cooling or water quenching; the solid solution temperature of thick plates is 2200°F, then water quenching; the bar solid solution temperature It is 2250°F, then water quenched.

  • Cold work processing and aging improve the performance of materials at room temperature and warming environment

    Appropriate cold working and aging treatment can provide the tensile strength of the material in room temperature and heating environment. Moderate cold working can increase the temperature of creep strength to 1800°F and the temperature of stress cracking strength to 1500° F. The aging temperature range is 700-1100°F. Aging treatment is not effective, but it can improve the creep and cracking strength of materials below 1300°F.

Processing performance:

Alloy L605 wireMachine Plus
L605 can be processed by conventional processes. High-speed steel or alloy steel tools containing cobalt are recommended. Compared with austenitic stainless steel (such as 304,321,347 stainless steel), L605 processing is more difficult. The high cold work hardening rate and the large amount of heat generated during processing make the processing very difficult. It is recommended to use a small feed rate and a low speed.


L605 can be welded with shielded metal arc welding, tungsten gas shielded welding, and metal gas shielded welding. Submerged arc welding is not recommended.
Before welding, clean the welding surface thoroughly, wipe off all stains and dry the surface.

3. application

L605 is mostly used to manufacture jet engine components, including engine blades, combustion chambers, reburning devices, and turbine rings. L605 is also used in industrial furnaces, including flame mufflers and linings in key parts of high-temperature furnaces. The cold-drawn fine wire of this alloy is used in a new type of brush seal, used in various harsh industrial environments such as high temperature, wear and corrosion resistance of electric turbines, metallurgy, chemical industry, and aviation.

4. similar grades

Haynes 25, UNS R30605, GH5605, Werkstoff 2.4964

5.Material parameters

Chemical composition

Alloy % Cr Ni Co W C Fe Mn Si P S

HY L605


















Physical properties

Density 9.27 g/cm3
Melting point 1330℃-1410 ℃

 sheet mechanical properties in the room temperature:

Alloy Status Tensile strength
Rm N/mm²
Yield strengthRP0.2 N/mm² Elongation
A5 %
Solution Treatment 980 460 50

6. Relevant technical standards

AMS5759F, AMS5537, ASTM F90, AMS 5796

7. Available product form

Shanghai HY Industry Co., Ltd can provide L605 plates (cold rolled, hot rolled), bars (hot rolled, forged, cold drawn), forgings, rings, cold rolled strips, cold drawn wires, etc. Specification 0.1mm/0.5mm high temperature cobalt-based alloy filament for brush seal

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